USA General Group Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd

China Company
ADD:Hedong Industrial Zone,Linyi City,Shandong Province,China

Head Office
ADD:Maiden 5th,New York City,USA



USA GENERAL GROUP TOOLS MANUFACTURING INC is a large-scale group, which specializes in designing, manufacturing, processing, selling AIWO Brand series Tools, such as Hand Tools, Tool Sets, Tools for Houses and Cars, The products are widely used in Home & Garden, Machine Manufacturing, Construction Decoration, Auto Maintenance and so on, the products have enjoyed very high market share and received good reputation in Europe, USA, Middle East and Southeast Asia countries and have many agents at home and abroad………

The factory of USA GENERAL GROUP TOOLS MANUFACTURING INC in China Mainland mainly produces Patent Hammers (Patent No.:200720148347.6), Pipe Wrenches (Patent No.:200720155895.1), Axes (Patent No.:200830004408.1)

We also accept OEM and customers' drawings and samples.

AIWO Spirit: The quality bases on Profession, The value comes from Creation.

AIWO Philosophy: Profession, Simpleness, High Effection, Insistence.

AIWO Aim: Create the highest value for customers.

AIWO Tenet: Customers feel comfortable, Merchants feel relieved.


Sincerely Invite AGENTS from home and abroad on mutual benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!